Compression 3D technology

Keeps the joint supported, stable and warm, while not hindering mobility. Constantly protects your knee from pulling during sport and everyday activities.

    Made of high quality 68% nylon and 32% spandex, it feels comfortable on skin, without any itching or irritation.
    Provide extra support and allow to adjust the compression to your needs.
    Stays up in place during any physical activity. Comfortable to wear for long workouts.
    Prevents injuries and reduces strain on the joints and muscles.


You should measure your leg about 15 cm above the knee cap.

S: 30-35 cm
M: 35-40 cm
L: 40-45 cm
XL: 45-50 cm
XXL: 50-55 cm

The top is the opening opposite the straps. When you leg is fully in the sleeve, the straps are on the bottom and in the back. To tighten the straps, pull the one on the right side around to the front, just below the knee, across the front and around to the back again, and attach it to the velcro pad in the front. Do the same thing with the strap on the left side, just opposite bringing it from the left side around to the right, then around the back of your leg and attaching it to the velcro pad in the front. Both straps attach to the same velcro pad in the front, so each strap can use only 1/2 of the pad to attach.

We also encourage you to experiment with straps positioning as they are fully adjustable. Simply find the best option that works for your knee!

You can wear Compression Knee Sleeve 3D VOLK with leggings or other clothing. Make sure the clothes you wear isn’t too much tight so that you fell 100% comfortable with Compression Knee Sleeve 3D VOLK on top of it.

Sure, Compression Knee Sleeve 3D VOLK is a unisex product and is suitable both for women and men. It is designed to provide you the most comfortable experience during any sport activities. For leg exercises and squats we may recommend to wrap it a little looser.

You can wear our

Compression Knee Sleeves 3D VOLK

every day depending on your demands. You can use it both for sport and everyday activities.

Material: 32% Spandex / 68% Nylon

Sure! We recommend hand washing. As well as machine washing in a garment bag with straps all attached can be used. Please, do not bleach or put in boiled water!

The only difference between them is the color.

Delivery time may vary from 15 up to 45 days.

Even though using our Compression Knee Sleeve 3D VOLK can radically improve your knee situation and provide you pain relief and joint support, we strongly recommend to consult with your doctor.